Exigy Solutions is an Adelaide based information services & development consultancy.

We're all about engineering creative solutions to unique problems.

Talk to us about your big idea today.

IT Services

Exigy Solutions provides onsite consulting as well as a plethora of hosted services.

Get in touch today to see how we can help streamline your organization's workflow.


Bulletproof hosting - your mail when & where you need it.

SPAM filtering

Tired of the junk? We know the feeling (and have the solution!)

Cloud storage

Curious about what the cloud can do for you?

Secure backup

Don't risk it - make sure your data is safe.

Business networks

Wired & wireless networks that perform under pressure.

Networked storage

Scalable network storage & servers for flexible access.

Workstation management

We can help ensure your work environment is a secure one.

User management

Give your employees the tools to work as a team.


Have you got a big idea in need of implementation? We'd be happy to help.

With experience in hardware, software & end-to-end system development, we've got all the bases covered.

Web applications

Working with some of the best designers in the business, we can help bring your web app from the drawing board to a browser near you.

Whether you're starting from scratch or adding features to an existing platform, we can put you in touch with skilled developers.

Custom hardware solutions

Need an embedded system to do something obscure? Want connectivity where you'd expect to be left in the dark? We can help.

Exigy Solutions works with a variety of platforms, focusing on delivering a solution using FOSS hardware, software & protocols where possible.